Revolutionary: Apple Unleashes Final Cut Pro on iPad, Exclusive to M1 Chip Users

Apple is bringing Final Cut Pro, their professional video editing software, to the iPad. The app will be available on the App Store starting May 24. The new version of Final Cut Pro has been redesigned for the iPad’s touch interface. It includes multi-touch gestures for easier project navigation. There’s a jog wheel feature for precise control of the play head and other adjustments. Logic Pro, Apple’s audio production software, is also coming to the iPad. Both apps have been optimized for the iPad’s form factor. Logic Pro has a new feature called Plug-in Tiles, which provides quick access to important controls.

The Apple Pencil can be used with both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro on the iPad. You can draw and write directly on video content in Final Cut Pro. In Logic Pro, you can draw detailed track automation with the Apple Pencil. By attaching a Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio, you can use key commands for faster editing. With Final Cut Pro on the iPad, you can shoot videos using the device’s cameras and import them directly into your project. You can record, edit, export, and share videos all within a single app. It allows you to synchronize clips from multiple cameras and edit them together. You can easily switch between different angles in a multicam clip with a single tap.

Final Cut Pro uses the machine learning capabilities of Apple silicon. It has a Scene Removal Mask feature that can remove or replace backgrounds without a green screen. Auto Crop adjusts footage for different aspect ratios like vertical, horizontal, or square. Voice Isolation can remove background noise in your audio. In Logic Pro, there’s a sound browser that shows all available instrument patches, audio patches, presets, samples, and loops in one place. You can preview each sound before using it in your project. There are over 100 instruments and effects plug-ins in Logic Pro. You can play these instruments using multi-touch on the iPad. A new sample manipulation instrument called Sample Alchemy has been added.

Logic Pro introduces the Beat Breaker plug-in for adjusting the time and pitch of sounds. Quick Sampler can create new instruments from audio samples. Step Sequencer allows programming drum patterns, bass lines, and melodies. Drum Machine Designer applies samples and plug-ins to a drum pad. Live Loops enable building arrangements. The mixer in Logic Pro includes channel strips, volume faders, pan controls, plug-ins, sends, and automation. Soundtracks can be exported directly to Final Cut Pro on the iPad. For Final Cut Pro on iPad, it requires models with M-series chips (iPad Air, iPad Pro M1, and the latest iPad Pro M2). Logic Pro requires at least the A12 Bionic chip for compatibility (eighth-generation iPad, fifth-generation iPad Mini, third-generation iPad Air, and third-generation iPad Pro).



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