Revolutionizing Google Apps: Discover Four New AI Uses Transforming Gmail and More!

Google is incorporating AI technology into its apps like Gmail, Search, Photos, Messages, and Google Maps. The AI chatbot called Bard is being introduced globally, with the ability to generate content integrated into different apps. These new features aim to simplify various tasks and improve user experience. Google showcased four ways in which generative AI will be used across its services at the annual I/O summit. The goal is to leverage AI smarts to enhance functionality and provide more intuitive and efficient services to users.

Google’s Photos app will soon have a feature that uses AI to imagine what is outside the borders of a cropped photo. You can remove unwanted objects and people from the photo and add sections to change the composition. For example, you can reposition the subject by adding an extra section to the picture using AI. This feature allows you to adjust and create a more visually appealing image. It demonstrates how AI can enhance and manipulate photos to meet your desired outcome.

Google is introducing a feature called Magic Compose that uses AI to provide alternative ways to phrase text messages. With this feature, AI can suggest more engaging and expressive versions of your messages. For example, it can turn a simple message like “Wanna grab dinner?” into something more exciting or creative. The AI offers options like adding emojis, using different tones (such as chill or Shakespearean), or making the message more lyrical. This feature allows users to enhance their text messages and add a personal touch with AI-powered suggestions.

Google is developing an AI feature called Bard that can draft emails for Gmail users. With just a short input, Google’s AI can formulate an email, like requesting a refund from an airline after flight cancellations. Users will be able to rely on AI to compose emails, reducing the need for writing them entirely. Gmail users can make final edits to the AI-generated drafts by tapping a “draft in Gmail” button. Bard can also assist with creative writing by suggesting plot twists and generating illustration ideas. This AI-powered feature aims to make email composition and creative writing easier and more efficient.

Bard, Google’s AI chatbot, can answer complex questions by formulating complete sentences. In addition to providing internet links and sources, Bard offers practical advice and relevant information. For example, when searching for a bicycle, Bard not only advises on suspension but also displays suitable offers from shops. Bard can handle specific queries like “What’s better for a family with kids under 3 and a dog” in reference to parks. It provides key information, and relevant links, and even asks follow-up questions to assist users further. This showcases Bard’s ability to provide comprehensive and helpful responses to complex search queries.



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