Immerse Yourself in Gaming Reality with REDMAGIC Ultimate Gaming Gears: Available in Malaysia on May 11th, 2023

REDMAGIC has introduced the “Dive Into Gaming Reality” campaign, featuring their new line of gaming gear. The REDMAGIC Ultimate Gaming Gears include a Gaming Mechanical Keyboard, Gaming Mouse, Shadow Blade Gamepad, Cooler 4 Magnetic, Cooler 4, and Magic Sound Earphones. These products are designed to enhance the gaming experience.

The TTC Speed Silver V2 is a new mechanical gaming keyboard switch developed by REDMAGIC and TTC. The REDMAGIC Cloud Smart Control Screen is a 1.47-inch integrated display that shows real-time parameters and allows for customizable wallpapers. Gamers can use it to adjust keyboard settings, buttons, lighting, and wallpaper instantly. The screen also has a knob for quick operations like controlling keyboard lighting and monitoring PC performance. This feature makes the mechanical gaming keyboard efficient and convenient, providing gamers with an interactive and valuable tool.

The gasket structure of this mechanical keyboard creates a unique pulsating sound and eliminates unwanted resonance for a soft touch and refined sound experience. It also has a hot-swappable base that allows easy customization by swapping out switches. The keyboard is compatible with most controllers, providing abundant playability and a personalized experience. These features cater to gamers who seek high levels of customization and performance, offering pure sound and limitless customization options with REDMAGIC.

The Tri-Mode Connectivity of this keyboard offers wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G wireless options. It has a large 4000 mAh battery, allowing gamers to use it in any situation. The custom Tri-mode chip provides a low latency of 1 ms, reducing power consumption by up to 40%. This ensures a seamless gaming experience without interruptions or delays. The wireless connection is highly stable and delivers optimal gaming performance, catering to the specific needs of gamers.

The RGB Colourful Lighting Effect offers 16.8 million customizable colors to match each gamer’s mood, and the backlight can be turned off for a more subtle environment. The REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse combines the PixArt PAW3395 Sensor and GM8.0 Black Mamba Micro Switch for lightning-fast response times, precision, and durability. The PixArt PAW3395 Sensor ensures fast response and low latency with a DPI range of 50 to 26000 and a maximum movement speed of 650 IPS. The GM 8.0 Black Mamba Micro Switch offers a lifespan of 80 million clicks and precise triggers for quick responsiveness. With Tri-Mode Connectivity, the mouse provides seamless wireless, wired, or Bluetooth connectivity options.

The REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse weighs less than 75 grams, providing sensitivity for precise movements and reducing hand strain during extended use. It has a long battery life of up to 100 hours, ensuring extended gaming sessions without frequent recharging. The REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse also features the REDMAGIC Cloud Smart Control and Macro Programming, allowing gamers to adjust settings and perform various operations easily for a competitive edge.

The REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad is compatible with various phone heights, ranging from 110mm to 179mm, covering most phones on the market. The REDMAGIC Cooler 4 Magnetic utilizes the REDMAGIC ICE 4.0 technology, featuring intelligent cooling power management and increased cooling efficiency by 20%. It is lightweight, weighing only 71g, and has a strong magnetic suction design to securely attach to your device.

With a powerful upgrade, the REDMAGIC Cooler 4 Magnetic uses the 4th generation semiconductor inverter cooling technology, delivering a high power of 20W. It incorporates a customized high-power TEC cooling semiconductor, capable of cooling up to 30°C and reaching temperatures as low as -3°C.

The REDMAGIC Cooler 4 features the REDMAGIC ICE 4.0 technology, a 4th generation semiconductor cooling system that efficiently blocks heat and increases cooling efficiency by 20%. It delivers flagship cooling performance with a 15W high-powered TEC cooling chip, reducing temperatures by 26°C for an instant freezing experience and improved frame rates. The cooler operates with low sound levels, maintaining a quiet 33dB operation for uninterrupted gaming sessions.

REDMAGIC Magic Sound Earphones provide crystal clear audio for an immersive gaming experience. With a larger 14.2mm sound driver and dedicated composite diaphragm, it enhances spatial perception, sound quality, and detailed audio layers. The REDMAGIC device features a brand-new Type-C port for easy and convenient insertion, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.

The device also boasts a sleek and metallic appearance, with an ergonomic, lightweight, and compact design. It comes in a futuristic space grey color with elegant laser engraving, providing durability and a comfortable user experience.



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