Get the Best Deal on 5G with Yes Power 35 Plan – Unlimited Calls and 100GB of High-Speed Data

Hey there! Have you heard about Yes 5G’s latest offer? They just introduced their most affordable 5G postpaid plan yet – the Yes Power 35 plan. And the best part? Unlike their Yes Infinite plans, the Power 35 plan comes with a fixed high-speed quota that you can fully utilize for hotspot usage.

For only RM35/month, the Yes Power 35 plan includes 100GB of 4G + 5G data with uncapped speeds and unlimited calls to all networks in Malaysia. It’s perfect for heavy data users who need loads of data to share with other devices, as the hotspot usage shares the same quota as the main 100GB bucket.

Compared to the Yes Infinite Basic plan which costs RM58/month and offers unlimited calls and data for 4G and 5G, the hotspot quota is limited to just 20GB. So, unless you need more than 100GB a month, the Yes Power 35 plan is a great option for 5G usage. Just note that your speeds will be throttled to 256kbps once you’ve fully utilized your 100GB quota.

If you’re looking for a plan with added benefits, U Mobile’s U Postpaid 68 offers unlimited calls, 100GB of 4G + 5G data, and a hotspot for RM68/month. Plus, it comes with free 15GB of data for roaming that can be used in 63 countries – great for frequent travellers.

But, if you want to experience 5G at a lower price, you can opt for Yes FT5G Prepaid for RM30/month. It offers unlimited 5G at uncapped speed and unlimited 4G capped at 7Mbps, plus unlimited calls. Just keep in mind that 4G+5G hotspot usage is limited to 12GB a month.

If you’re interested in signing up or learning more, check out the Yes’ Postpaid page.



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