Empowering Malaysians: Local News App’s Efforts to Keep Citizens Informed on Climate Change

Lumi News is a news app that covers various topics like Lifestyle, Food, Tech, Entertainment, Gaming, Crypto, and Sports. They have a large following of over 200,000 users on the app for these topics combined. Recently, they launched a new topic called “Climate” to provide climate news coverage. This topic allows Malaysians to access climate news from more than 60 sources all in one app. Lumi News has partnered with media owners in Malaysia to support and distribute their climate coverage. Their CEO, Judith Yeoh, emphasizes that it is a collaborative effort involving multiple parties.

The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Nik Nazmi bin Nik Ahmad, praised Lumi News for its efforts and acknowledged the role of local media in reporting climate news. He commended Lumi News for bringing together Malaysian media to work towards an important objective. The minister emphasized the importance of relying on trusted sources for information on climate emergencies, rather than spreading unverified statements. He highlighted that climate change has a significant impact on our daily lives, and it is crucial for Malaysian media to produce engaging stories, infographics, and reports on climate and environmental issues.

A report by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism in 2022 revealed that 48% of Malaysians have developed an interest in climate change news. Considering this, Lumi News launched the climate category, knowing their audience would be interested in such content. During the 2022 General Elections, Lumi News ran a social media campaign called #WhyGE15 and discovered that climate change was one of the top concerns for younger voters. To engage and educate young people, Lumi News collaborates with digital lifestyle publishers like SAYS and Mashable SEA. They observed that many Malaysians discuss climate change on these platforms, so launching the climate topic on Lumi News felt like a natural decision.



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