Astro AWANI welcomes Joon and Monica as Gelora AI gains momentum

Joon has a Korean-like appearance but he can speak multiple languages including Malay, English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, and Arabic. He is capable of delivering news reports in an interesting and factual manner. Joon appeared on Astro AWANI’s news program, AWANI 7:45, together with news presenter Nailah Huda. Despite not looking like a native speaker, Joon’s delivery was smooth.

Joon is not a human but an AI avatar designed to deliver news in a skilled manner. After AWANI 7:45, a female avatar named Monica appeared in the talk show Agenda AWANI at 8:30 pm on the same day. Monica has a Scandinavian face and was there to discuss the future of work. Like Joon, Monica’s appearance on the screen adds an artistic touch to the talk show on all Astro AWANI social media platforms.

The appearances of Joon and Monica, AI avatars, on Astro AWANI news channels signal the beginning of AI involvement in news broadcasting. The Chief Editor of Astro AWANI sees this development as significant and important for the future of journalism and is focused on preparing for it. The AI avatars were created to enhance and strengthen the quality of human-produced news, not to replace human talent. Astro AWANI aims to use technology to deliver balanced and constructive news and talk shows. However, a World Economic Forum study suggests that some types of jobs, such as bank clerks and data entry workers, may be replaced by AI in the future.

AI technology can enhance the quality of human work in the news industry. However, human involvement is still necessary to ensure journalistic ethics and quality. Astro AWANI is using AI to speed up its tasks. The rapid changes in technology will affect all sectors and industries. It is important to have a mindset of being a “changemaker” and contribute to uplifting society as a quality representative of humanity.



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