AirAsia and Foodpanda: Elevating Food Delivery and E-Hailing with a Dynamic Partnership

AirAsia and Foodpanda have joined forces in a surprising partnership. They have integrated their services to offer a seamless experience for users. AirAsia Ride is now available on Foodpanda’s app, while Foodpanda handles food delivery on AirAsia’s super app. Starting at the end of May, users will be directed to Foodpanda for food delivery through the super app. However, dine-in orders and queuing services will still be available in Bangkok.

AirAsia Food riders will be moved to other services like Ride and Teleport. Capital A, AirAsia’s logistics arm, will provide cars for food riders transitioning to become Ride e-hailing drivers. Foodpanda’s collaboration with AirAsia is limited to promoting AirAsia Ride on its app. Clicking on the AirAsia Ride banner will redirect users to the AirAsia Super app to book their e-hailing ride. There won’t be any major changes or integration within the Foodpanda app.

AirAsia and Foodpanda have a shared rewards system where AirAsia users earn points for every RM2 spent on Foodpanda. Capital A, the logistics arm of AirAsia, is exploring additional collaborations such as integrating BigPay as a payment option on the food delivery app. This means users may be able to use BigPay to pay for their Foodpanda orders in the future.

To celebrate the partnership, AirAsia and Foodpanda are providing promo codes. Use the code AAFP8 to get RM8 off your Foodpanda order. For AirAsia Ride, use the code FPAAFREE to enjoy free rides worth up to RM10. Take advantage of these offers to save money when ordering food or using ride-hailing services.



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