Introducing the New Google Pixel Tablet: Your Ultimate Companion, On-the-Go and at Home

Introducing the Google Pixel Tablet, designed to be helpful both on the go and at home. The tablet features the latest Android features, the powerful Google Tensor G2 chip, and the iconic Pixel design. Discover what makes this tablet special and why it won’t end up forgotten in a drawer.

The Google Pixel Tablet is designed to meet all your entertainment needs. It features a brilliant 11-inch display and four built-in speakers for excellent audio quality. The tablet’s sleek design, fresh colors, and rounded edges make it visually appealing. The aluminum enclosure is textured with a unique nano-ceramic coating for a secure grip. The tablet is optimized for popular apps like YouTube, Spotify, and Disney+ for a better browsing experience on a larger screen. The Google TV app is pre-installed, offering a wide range of content for you to explore. Powered by the Tensor G2 chip, the tablet delivers fast performance and extended battery life. It’s an ideal device for gaming, allowing you to enjoy popular games like Asphalt 9.

The Pixel Tablet helps you be more productive and stay connected. Over 50 Google apps, including Google Meet, are optimized for the tablet. Google Meet adjusts lighting during video calls and offers HD video quality. You can have fun with 360-degree backgrounds that move with you during video calls. The tablet’s AI camera technology and Tensor G2 chip optimize video chats based on your surroundings. The larger screen and AI capabilities of the tablet enable enhanced photo editing with tools like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur. The split-screen function allows you to use two apps simultaneously. Assistant voice typing on Pixel Tablet makes writing emails faster and easier. Pixel Tablet prioritizes security with Tensor G2 and Titan M2 security chips, ensuring your personal information is protected.

The Pixel Tablet can be paired with the Charging Speaker Dock for a helpful home experience. The dock charges the tablet and features speakers with enhanced bass for immersive sound. When the tablet is in Hub Mode, it becomes a hands-free home device. In Hub Mode, you can use the tablet as a smart home controller, music player, voice-activated assistant, or digital photo frame. The tablet allows you to control your smart home devices, such as video doorbells, thermostats, and lights. The tablet is the first to have Chromecast built-in, enabling you to cast videos or music from your phone to the tablet when in Hub Mode.

The Pixel Tablet can be preordered online today and will be available on shelves from June 20. It comes bundled with the Charging Speaker Dock and is priced at $499. Preorders are available in select countries, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Japan, and Australia. You can also preorder accessories like the Pixel Tablet Case, priced at $79, which works with the Charging Speaker Dock and offers different viewing angles. Additional accessories from Made for Google partners are also available to personalize and protect your tablet.



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