Renault Zoe E-Tech: Malaysia’s Affordable Compact EV with 22kW AC Charging and 395km Range – Starting at RM165k

The updated Renault Zoe is now available for purchase in Malaysia. It is a compact fully electric hatchback. It is similar in size to a Perodua Myvi. The car offers a class-leading 22kW AC charging capability. This means it can charge quickly using standard AC charging stations. It is a 100% electric vehicle, meaning it runs solely on electric power. The Renault Zoe has a range of up to 395km on a full charge. It is an environmentally-friendly option for those looking for a compact car. The starting price for the Renault Zoe in Malaysia is RM165k.

The new Renault Zoe E-Tech for 2023 in Malaysia has two variants. The Renault Zoe R110 is priced at RM165,000. The Renault Zoe R135 is priced at RM179,000. You can also choose to subscribe to the Renault Zoe through a platform offered by TC Euro Cars (TCEC). The subscription can be for 1, 2, or 3 years with monthly fees starting from RM2,799. The subscription fee includes insurance, servicing, and a Type 2 AC cable. The Zoe R110 is available in Solid White or Black. The Zoe R135 is available in Black, Purple, Blue, and Red.

The Specification of Renault Zoe

The updated Renault Zoe for 2023 has the same dimensions as before 4,087mm length, 1,562mm height, and 1,945mm width. It has received some cosmetic updates for both the interior and exterior. The car features Renault’s holographic diamond logo, which covers the charging port. It has Pure Vision full-LED headlights with C-shaped daytime running lights (DRL). The Zoe lineup comes with 16″ 195/55 wheels and disc brakes on all four wheels. The new Renault Zoe uses the next-generation Z.E. 50 battery with a higher capacity of 52kWh. This battery provides 20% more range compared to its predecessor.

Both the R110 and R135 variants have the same battery pack. The R110 has a rated WLTP range of 395km, while the R135 has a range of 386km. The model numbers, R110 and R135, indicate the rated PS output for the motor. The R110 variant’s motor produces 80kW (107hp) and 225Nm of torque. The R135 variant’s motor produces 100kW (134hp) and 245Nm of torque. The R110 goes from 0-100km/h in 11.4 seconds with a top speed of 135km/h. The R135 achieves 0-100km/h in 9.5 seconds with a top speed of 140km/h.

The interior of the Renault Zoe has been refreshed with a 10″ digital instrument cluster and a 9.3″ touchscreen multimedia display. The multimedia display supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It also has Bluetooth, two USB ports, and an aux audio port, along with a 6-speaker setup. Both the R110 and R135 variants have an electronic e-shifter, automatic parking brake, full-LED interior lighting, automatic climate control, rear parking sensors, and adjustable mirrors. The R110 seats have recycled fabric upholstery in black, while the R135 has black combination leather-fabric seats. The R135 variant has two additional USB ports in the rear seats, an electrochromic rear-view mirror, a reverse camera, and front parking sensors. The Zoe has a new center console with more storage, two cup holders, and a wireless phone charging tray. The cruise control buttons are now placed behind the steering wheel, which uses recycled PET materials. The boot capacity remains the same at 338 liters.

In terms of safety, the new Renault Zoe has some basic features like four airbags, lane departure warnings, electronic stability control, and more. However, it lacks advanced safety features found in other EVs like autonomous emergency braking (AEB). The Renault Zoe R135 variant has additional features like an adaptive high beam, blind spot warning, and hands-free park assist. The Zoe’s AC charging speed is its standout feature, supporting up to 22kW. This allows the 52kWh battery to charge from 0-100% in just 3 hours. Most EVs on the market support up to 11kW AC charging, while some affordable EVs from China are limited to 7kW. Using a 7kW AC charger, the Zoe takes around 9.5 hours for a full charge. Other EVs in Malaysia that support 22kW AC charging include the Porsche Taycan and Lotus Eletre.

The Renault Zoe can support up to 50kW DC fast charging using a DC CCS2 port. Charging from 0-80% on DC fast charging takes around 70 minutes. When compared to other EVs like the Nissan Leaf, BYD Atto 3, and Ora Good Cat, the choice depends on individual preferences. Consider factors such as pricing, features, safety, charging capabilities, and personal needs before making a decision. Feel free to share your thoughts on the new Zoe or compare it to other EVs in the comments below.



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